From the time I was little,
nature held a deep and spiritual
place in my soul.  Some of my earliest
memories come from family car drives along
rural highways with spectacular foliage.  My love
for painting came from alot of alone playtime among
the trees.  In addition, I had an early exposure to photography
as I grew up with the smell of dark room chemicals coming from
our basement where my father developed his black and white photographs.
In my young adult years, music was the major focus in my life.  I was first trained
as a classical musician, and then spent many years performing professionally as well
as being an executive in the music business world.  Since raising a family, I have focused
primarily on painting.  Its been a great time to further explore my growing relationship with color
and light.  Music continues to hold an instrumental place in my art, as I have discovered that my
creativity flows best when painting to dark and emotional soundtracks.  The choice of movie soundtracks
is an integral part of my painting process.  Some of my favorite paintings have  been created while listening
to the soundtracks of Mao's Last Dancer, Chocolat, and Les Miserables.  When I hear the music, I see the colors.
The wood pieces that I am currently working on have been evolving for years.  I have gone on several journey's
seeking out the oldest trees in our country, from the Bristlecone Pines in California to the Mountain Laurels in
Connecticut.  I have found that certain trees eminate a majestic energy.  They have been great friends in times
of need in addition to being wonderful listeners.  Because they are so rooted, they add a stable comfort.  I wanted
to celebrate their strength, their depth, and the beauty they honor our earth with.  May the music you hear in my
paintings resonate with the colors you see in your own life...